September 6th- January 23rd Come Tumble with us!

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Summer Clinics

Tumble Into the Summer at ABC’s

Join us during the week for gymnastics clinics and fun! Every week will be themed differently to work on different skills. Along with gymnastics the kids will do activities such as water slides, slip n slides, water balloons,  tie-dye and arts and crafts. Pack your child with a snack, bathing suit and a change of clothes for gymnastics! Limited spots available. Sign up ahead!
Monday- Thursday 9-12
Price $99 after April 1st $139/Week $30 after April  1st $40 per day

W1:Hip Hop 6/18-6/21 Clinic 12-3pm
Children will learn new dance moves and dance routines to the latest hip hop and pop hits.! At the end of the week the children will perform their favorite dance of the week for their parents.

W2:  Cartwheel into the Sun  6/25-6/28
We will be spending even more time in the sun this week! children will learn to perfect a cartwheel and variations of cartwheels on floor and balance beam.   All events will also be explored.Playing lots of games outside together with many water activities to keep us cool. Please make sure to pack a bathing suit and sunblock for this week in the sun!

W3: Routines 7/9-7/12  Closed
This week will be focused on making routines up on each event based on their ability level. At the end of the week the children will show their routines on each event just like a competition without the judges.

W4: Tumble into the Sun 7/16-7/19
Designed specifically for getting new tumbling skills for both gymnast and cheerleaders. Most of the time will be dedicated to using the spring floor and mats. This is the perfect week for cheerleaders to get skills for the upcoming cheer year!

W5: Bars/ Upside Down 7/23-7/26
If your child likes to hang upside down on the bars like a monkey this is the perfect week for them! Children will focus on building strength and learning new bar tricks. This week will help build your child's confidence and strengthen their upper bodies.

W7: Ninja Warrior 7/31-8/2
This week will be designed for kids interested in American Ninja Warrior. Coaches will design safe but tricky obstacle courses and challenges for the kids to try to complete. If you’re tired of your child jumping around on your furniture this is the perfect clinic for them!

W8:  Trampoline 8/6-8/9
Children will get to use our 40 ft trampoline and an olympic style trampoline with spotting belts to practice and learn flips in the safest way. After mastering their skills on the trampoline children will use mats and as well as coaches spotting to try to get those skills on the spring floor!

W9: Perfect  10 Summer 8/20-8/23
This last week will be a perfect mix of all our camps for the last week of summer fun. A perfect way to blow off steam before school starts back up again.

Spring Schedule

Gym​ ​Jam​ ​Walkers Parent​ ​Tot

​40​ ​min Sun- 9:10 Mon- 1:45, 5:40 Wed- 10:15, 1:45 Sat- 9:15

Gym​ ​Jam​ ​Mini​ ​Stars Ages​ ​4-5​ ​yr​

​40​ ​Min. Sun- 9:50, 4:15 Mon- 5:00 Tues- 4:30, 5:15 Wed- 9:30 or 3:50 Thurs- 2:30, 5:15 Sat- 10:15

Rising​ ​Stars​ ​Beginner Ages​ ​6+​

​1hr Sun- 10:30, 5:00 Mon-4:00, 7:00 Tues-4:00 Wed- 4:30, 6:30 Thurs- 5:00 Sat-11:00

Stars​ ​Intermediate Ages​ ​6+​

​1​ ​hr Sun- 10:30 Mon- 5:00 Tues- 4:00 Wed- 5:30 Thurs- 4:00 Sat-11:00

Shooting​ ​Stars​ ​Boys Ages​ ​6+​

​1​ ​hr Mon- 6:00 Wed- 5:30 Thurs- 4:00

Advanced​ ​Stars

1.5​ ​hr Sat- 9:00 Mon- 6:00 Thurs-6:00

Super​ ​Stars

2​ ​Hr Tues 6:00

Middle​ ​School​ ​Team

2​ ​hr Monday 3pm (Beginners) Tues-3:00 Thurs-3:00 ** also available for Xcel Competition Gym/​ ​Cheer​ ​Tumbling Monday 3:00

Hot​ ​Shot​ ​Developmental Invite​ ​Only

Mini: Tues 5:15 Wed 12:45 Hour​ ​Class: Sun-9:00 Thurs 5:15 Advanced​ ​1.5​ ​hr Sun 9:00 3:45 Tu/Th 3:45

NEW​ ​Adult​ ​Conditioning Class

Wednesday​ ​8:30am $20/class 1 hour of intense instructional gymnastics conditioning and flexibility.

Ninja​ ​Class:

Monday 4:15

Tumble Jungle Hours

Our Tumble Jungle at ABC'S includes a moonbounce, rock climbing wall, ball pit, rope climb, and a giant indoor playscape! Come into ABC'S whenever we are open to play in our jungle gym! You do not have to be a member to attend!!

  • Monday 3-7pm
  • Tuesday 3-8pm
  • Wed 9:30-7:30,
  • Thursday 3-8pm
  • Friday 3-7pm
  • Saturday 9-11
  • Sunday 9-11:30
Play Group you can play in the gym and indoor play ground Wednesday 11:30-12:30pm
ABC Shoreline Gymnastics

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All Coaches are USA Gymnastics Certified - Over 40 years of experience - Teaching toddlers to Elite Levels