Gymnastics & Tumble Jungle Parties

Obstacle Courses, Relay Races, Tumble Track, Parachute Games, Rope Climb, Supervised Play, Foam Pit ,Indoor Playscape, Moon Bounce, Rock Climbing and much more!

All parties are will receive invitations with free class coupons and organized supervision in the gym with a gymnastics instructor
The party concludes with 30 minutes of cake & presents. You bring the cake and anything else you want to personalize your party.

2021 Prices 
Up to 12 children $295
13 – 17 children $330
18 – 26 children $370
27 – 35 children $410

All parties will receive invitations ahead of time and free class coupons at the end of the party to hand out to their guests. 

$220 deposit when you book your party

15% gratuity for coaches not included for over 12 kids

Field Trips

Field Trips

Field Trip at ABC’s Gymnastics Stars

Gymnastics Include:                                      Tumble Jungle:
Obstacle Courses                                            Indoor PlayScape
Relay Races                                                    Moon Bounce
Tumble Track                                                  Rock Climbing                        
Parachute Games                                           Supervised Play
Rope Climb                                                     
Supervised Play

Foam Pit



Both Gymnastic and Tumble Jungle:            

Up to 12 children        $295                                  

13-17 children             $330                                                            

18-26 children             $370                                                  

27-35 children             $410                                                              

35-up children             $10 more per child


*$100.00 is due at the time when you reserve the date it is Non-refundable.

**Field trips will be 1 ½ hours long.



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