ABC's Shoreline Gymnastics has two competitive programs. If your child is interested in our team program please contact Courtney at ABC for an evaluation.


Team Gymnastics: USAG Junior Olympic and Xcel Programs

What is USAG?

USAG is the governing body for both Junior Olympic and Xcel gymnastics. ABC’s participates in both of these programs, and each has its own advantages. We take each child’s commitment, goals, ability, and availability into consideration when choosing which program is best for her.

Junior Olympic Program Levels (Compulsory levels 3-5, Optional levels 6-10)

The Junior Olympic Program is broken down into levels (3-10) and offers some of the strongest, most challenging competition at each level. Athletes competing at levels 3-5 perform Compulsory routines; each child competes the same exact routines on each apparatus and uses the same floor routine music. Athletes competing at level 6 and above compete Optional routines; each gymnast competes their own unique routine on each apparatus and can choose their own floor routine music, though there are still requirements regarding what types of elements and skills must be included at each level.

**The Junior Olympic Program is a highly demanding program, requiring a lot of time and dedication. Due to the levels of precision and difficulty required to execute routines, Junior Olympic Program gymnasts will typically train between 9 and 20 plus hours per week. Scheduled practices are mandatory and some meets will be mandatory as well.

Level 3-5 is called Compulsory Gymnastics and this is the beginning of local competition.  All gymnasts in these levels perform the same routines set by the USA Gymnastics Committee.

 Levels 6-10 is called Optionals Gymnastics.  These levels have more variety in the individual routines but they still have set skills they are required to do.  The skill difficulty increases along with each level.  The USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program (in which we are a member of) sets the guidelines for each level.  In order to move up the level they must first perfect each skill in that level before they can move to the next one.  At ABC’s Shoreline Gymnastics, we begin competing at level 3.  It is our goal to teach your daughter to the best of our ability.  Our coaches are experienced, well trained, professional, nurturing.  Our number one goal is to safely teach your daughter the skills needed to prepare her to excel in competition.

Xcel Program (Bronze-Diamond)


The Xcel Program is broken down into 5 completely optional levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The Xcel Program offers an alternative to the demanding nature of the Junior Olympic Program while still allowing a gymnast to compete within the USAG system. It is more flexible in terms of the skills gymnasts can and must perform, and it allows coaches to tailor routines to the individual gymnast’s strengths. This program generally requires less of a time commitment and financial commitment than the JO levels. This program is growing with in USAG and is our biggest program here at ABC. Practice times and commitment is more flexible than levels. Gymnast have the option to work-out one day a week up to 4 days a week.

Xcel Bronze:  If your child is placed in Xcel, they will start in Bronze and work their way up the program from there.  The competitive divisions each have a broad list of requirements allowing students to have routines and skills unique to them, as opposed to having a compulsory routine. Scores are not as strict and children have more freedom with in the sports.

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